Charitable Donation Program

In order to contribute to environmental protection, starting in 2006, KBN and the Sanitation Office of Wuhua District, Kunming have jointly carried out maintenance on city garbage bins. KBN has contributed RMB 1 million yuan annually to lease advertising light boxes on garbage bins located on dozens of main streets of Wuhua District, Kunming. Through the efforts of KBN, these new garbage bins have been made to be much more aesthetically pleasing, and the streets are decorated with brand new ideas about sanitation and have taken on a unique appearance.

With the help of this platform, KBN has established a new publicizing platform for public welfare for the Yunnan charity undertakings and donated over RMB 5 million yuan to the “Yunnan Charitable Donation Port” for public welfare advertising. Consequently, KBN was awarded the Golden Banner for Charitable Donation twice by the Chinese Red Cross, the Yunnan Provincial CPC Party Committee and Government and the Yunnan Red Cross. KBN then launched the “Hospital Garbage Bins Public Welfare Publicity Program” along with the Yunnan Red Cross and 6 provincial hospitals, donating new and attractive environmentally-friendly garbage bins, integrating garbage collection and public welfare propaganda. The program was used to disseminate the spirit of the Red Cross, hospital culture, health care knowledge, and instructions for patients seeking medical consultations, etc.

Due to the outstanding contributions made by KBN in terms of charitable donations, it was awarded the honorary national title of “Best Enterprise as Selected by the Red Cross” issued by the Chinese Red Cross in 2008.