Dandelion Student Assistance

KBN has long been highly concerned about the educational issues of children living in poverty-stricken areas. In contrast to the philosophy for public good of other companies, which focus on financial aid or the expansion of numbers and the scale of hope primary schools, KBN has paid particular attention to sustained concerns and assistance for schools.

In 2002, KBN donated RMB 400,000 yuan for the construction of “KBN Hope Primary School” in Yangchajie Township, Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province, a highly-marginal region located in a cold highland area. KBN has offered continuous support for the establishment of schools and students’ growth and has thus made contributions to the development of elementary education for this school and the township,it has also made improvements in terms of teaching quality.

In 2007, on hearing that many school-age children dropped out of school in the Diqing Tibet Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province due to poverty, KBN and the Yunnan Red Cross went to Deqin County of the Diqing Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, which is located on a cold highland area with an average altitude of over 3,700 meters, for field surveys and donated RMB 300,000 yuan to build “KBN Boai Primary School”.

In order to further increase its supports for schools, KBN has set up the “KBN Scholarship Fund” to reward and subsidize excellent students or students who make noticeable improvements as well as outstanding teachers who make great contributions to the educational undertaking.