Doctor Baker

In 2006, KBN launched the “Dr. Baker” service brand and on the basis of this brand, built the “Dr. Baker Care” platform for patients, consumers, doctors and specialists and the “Dr. Baker Education” and “Dr. Baker Service” platforms on this basis, rendering diversified professional health services, including a nationwide toll-free hotline for health consultation (800 889 8779/ 400 889 8779), the Dr. Baker website (, community services for consumers, health lectures through radio, reeducation for doctors, reeducation for community physicians, training for chain drugstore staff, a patient club, a western education assistance program, and more. Through unrelenting brand building efforts, Dr. Baker has become highly recognized and welcomed by numerous health workers, patients and consumers for its image and identity of “professionalism” and “care”. “Dr. Baker” has become the image spokesperson of KBN for providing professional medical services, fulfilling social responsibilities and delivering love and care to those who need it.

“KBN Green 105 Health Lecture”   FM: 105, Happiness Channel, Kunming Radio Station

Airtime: 8:00 am - 9:00 am

• Nationwide toll-free hotline for health consultation
• Dr. Baker website
• Community services for consumers
• Health lecture for consumers
• Reeducation for doctors
• Reeducation for community physicians
• Training for chain drugstore staff
• Patient club
• Social responsibilities

How to rapidly get help from Dr. Baker?

1.Dial the nationwide toll-free hotline for health consultation: 800-889-8779/400-889-8779;

Dr. Baker, who has abundant clinical experience, will explain general scientific health knowledge and medical knowledge to you for free. (Landline users: 800-889-8779; Cellular-phone users: 400-889-8779).

2.Visit Dr. Baker’s microblog

“Dr. Baker’s microblog” has become a platform where netizens, professional medical workers and patients can gain immediate access to special knowledge and information on medical treatments, medicine, medical advice, information on health and medicine, online consultation services and health knowledge.

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