Professional Promotion

As a joint venture backed by foreign capital, KBN established a professional product promotion system in accordance with the marketing modes of international pharmaceutical enterprises from the beginning of its establishment in 1992, And it has established a national professional promotion team. On the basis of academics, KBN provides the research achievements of drugs in the medical field and the latest information on clinical practice to experts and doctors in the academic field through the professional promotion team and provides guidance in terms of clinical drugs. Meanwhile, KBN feeds the responses that doctors and patients have toward drugs back to the enterprises, providing a bridging function among enterprises, doctors and patients.

Through sustained professional promotion, KBN has earned itself a leading place academically in terms of antibiotics and drug therapies for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Among the chain drugstores in China, KBN has also built a fairly prominent academic position and brand image by carrying out academic exchanges from time to time, holding summit forums for chain drugstores and providing training for drugstore staff on the basis of its long-term experience with academic promotion, recognition by doctors and public praise for the company’s positive effects in terms of clinical application.

KBN has a highly praised Sales & Marketing team exclusively devoted to standardized and scientific promotion activities of which 90% of the staff has received a university degree at a minimum. In fact, most have graduated from medical colleges or pharmaceutical colleges with distinction and have gained abundant professional experience in overseas-funded pharmaceutical enterprises.


A win-win situation achieved by KBN working together with chain drugstores

Recently, with the acceleration of China’s urbanization process, chain drugstores have gradually become the major players of China’s retail pharmaceutical market. Relying on its dominant position in terms of professional promotion, brand advantages, product portfolio advantages and service advantages, KBN has established strategic cooperative relations with brand-name chain drugstores in China to work together to expand the retail market for pharmaceuticals, thus achieving a win-win situation for pharmaceutical enterprises, chain drugstores and patients (consumers).

KBN gives full play to its advantages in terms of professional promotion and provides ongoing training for the staff of chain drugstores as well as after-sales service support. For a long time, KBN has held nationwide summit forums yearly for chain drugstores so as to construct a platform for dialogue between brand-name pharmaceutical enterprises and brand-name chain drugstores. Meanwhile, KBN has also launched educational activities for patients in conjunction with chain drugstores in order to help popularize health knowledge. Furthermore, KBN has also vigorously developed community medical services and organized the reeducation and training of doctors to push forward the development of community health undertakings.