Splendid KBN

The splendor of KBN is inseparable from the dedication and hard work of each staff member, and KPN treats its staff as its greatest wealth. KBN is firmly convinced that a top staff leads to the creation of a top enterprise culture which will thereby foster a top enterprise. KBN uses the word “splendid” to describe its passionate and creative staff and “splendid KBN” to represent the vibrant and initiative-taking enterprise culture.

At KBN, corporate culture is an invisible power that permeates every corner of the enterprise to form the way of thinking and acting of KBN’s staff. Each staff member integrates his/her own values and pursuits into the long-term development of the enterprise in order to fulfill his/her own personal values. The staff members’ beliefs in KBN’s culture converge and become a great force for KBN’s development.

Treating staff as its most important capital, KBN respects its staff, establishes competitive salaries, welfare and incentive systems and creates a pleasant and harmonious working environment. KBN makes practical career plans for each staff member and fosters staff development, providing its staff with ways to achieve their targets and systematical training. KBN has always encouraged its staff to participate in its every activity so that the staff members maintain a vigorous sense of participation and a creative spirit.

KBN has endeavored to create a working environment that makes every staff person “work joyfully”. Each year, it organizes the staff to join in various outward developments, cultural and entertainment activities and trips. KBN returns the fruits of the corporation’s development to every staff member in a subtle manner so that every staff member working at KBN may “savor the life” when not working. The integration of work and life makes both work and life brilliant!