Human resource management

Through strictly adhering to world-class standards and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, KBN has established a superior developmental momentum and foundation and been in line with the world in terms of operation principles, production modes, marketing management, talent training, etc. To stand in the forefront of the market, KBN, has, since its establishment, brought in European GMP experts to provide direct production instructions to ensure that each drug produced meets the requirements of GMP. KBN has carried out international academic exchanges several times each year to ensure the marketing team is academically-oriented, professional and advanced. Through the usage of international talents, a Shanghai-based marketing center, and staff recruited nationwide, KBN has ensured itself an internationally compatible operations team. Since KBN’s establishment, it has kept its operating team world-class by cooperating with large international pharmaceutical groups, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies with advanced R&D capabilities. KBN has developed a high-quality and international team that has become the human resource base of KBN’s sustainable development by virtue of its cooperation with world-class enterprises and orientation towards advanced human talent mechanisms.