International Cooperation

Taking full advantage of our international background and market networks, we have cooperated with world-famous pharmaceutical companies in the product field, continuously introducing and acting as an agent in terms of the drugs of internationally famous brands and spreading international high-end products throughout the Chinese market. We have established cooperative relations with Israel’s TEVA, Japan’s SKK, America’s IVAX and FERNDALE, as well as Croatia’s PLIVA, all of which have advantages in terms of research and development. We have placed a special emphasis on focusing on the product screening, introduction and promotion of antibiotics, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis drugs, and drugs for respiratory infection in children.

Through the mode of international cooperation in the product field, KBN has successfully introduced Amoxicillin, Alfacalcidol soft Capsules ®, ARTZ® (sodium Hyaluronate Injection), and other international first-line clinical drugs in the past. It has thus come to dominate the domestic market for antibiotics and pharmacologic therapy for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It enjoys a high degree of awareness as a professional brand. In 2010, KBN introduced a new original drug, “Azithromycin®”, which was regarded by the professionals of the industry as ann exemplary case of the introduction of a high-end generic drug. The introduction of such a product will change the competitive framework of China’s high-end market for antibiotics. In September 2012, we acquired authorization from LABORATOIRE THERAMEX to introduce gynecological drugs, namely, Promestriene Cream ®, Fem7 ®, and Colposeptine, into China, thus introducing the globally leading gynecological drug products to the market and further enriching our product line. In addition, several new products that have been introduced and are now under clinical research and review for approval are also very influential drugs with strong competitiveness in the domestic market. Over the next three years, “localized” production will be realized for these new drugs in China, and at that time, they will promote a great leap forward in the development of our company’s business.