KBN Profile

As the first Sino-foreign joint venture in the pharmaceutical industry of Yunnan Province, (Sino-US Joint Venture) Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (KBN) is a national high-tech enterprise and foreign-funded enterprises. It was jointly founded in 1992 by KPC (Kunming Pharmaceutical Corporation)and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.(TEVA). Since its establishment, KBN has always adhered to the mode of international pharmaceutical enterprises and geared to international standard in management system, quality system and a professional promotion system. Relying on its strong international background, and through continuous efforts, it has become one of the forerunners in China in terms of GMP drug quality management, international cooperation, and is one of the pioneers in the field of professional academic promotion. Additionally, it has made great contributions to the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, the academic promotion of China’s oral antibiotics, orthopaedic and pediatric medication fields and great contributions to improving the level of Chinese people’s health.

Working with firm conviction to “universalize medical achievements from across the world”, KBN has introduced “high-quality drugs” and “classic prescriptions” from across the world. It is committed to helping every patient to enjoy equal rights in terms of health and to helping every patient enjoy globally consistent health standards and live a healthy and happy life.